2013-09-02 12:25 pm
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ready or not, here comes my vacation

 I am officially on vacation, started a couple  of days ago.  But my actual going away starts on Tuesday.  I am so antsy to get out and about, it's pretty sad.  I will be flying out, (always a challenge) Tuesday am, flying back into late summer.  I have checked the weather and it's in the low 90s with low humidity.  Yes, the weather is one of the reasons I can barely contain my excitement.  The flight?  Yeah, it's a good thing I am a small person.  Anyone larger or wider than me will be cramped.  Hopefully, I'll be sitting next to my mom.  She is even smaller than me.

Not sure how often I will post, since I rarely do but I will try to bring out my inner chatty patty.
2013-09-02 01:02 pm


...to go!  Packed, repacked and ready to go!  Still have to wait a day but I'll likely unpack and repack at least once more to make sure I have all that I think I'll need.  I don't need very much, especially going back into summer weather.  It's why I double checked my packing already, it was so pitifully light :)